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Readers Feedback
Just some of the real comments from book 

A touching story & marvellous illustrations 

"This is a really touching story about Janson Woodall's eccentric upbringing in a 1950s boarding house. The illustrations are idiosyncratic and full of clever detail such as the gas fires, clothes draped around, mice, cockroaches etc. A lovely book.."

Pat - Amazon

"It's wonderful ! The art is lovely and the way you told your story is wonderfully engaging. I feel I want to find this house and take a look . It would be amazing to stand outside and know that I knew so much more about that property's past life ,much more than the present fleeting guest of today . Your life Janson must have been very challenging but so much fun and adventure too."



"I really love it. Incredibly evacuate and moving, both the writing and the. illustrations."


Beautifully illustrated and very evocative

"I bought one of the prints and was keen to hear more of the boarding house tenants and their escapades. Post war London life is beautifully drawn and the tales illustrate hard luck, hard work and diversity under one roof. Hugely enjoyable!"

Caroline - Amazon

"It’s made me laugh as well as well as sympathise with your chaotic childhood. Beautiful hand drawn images to fill our imagination too. The war obviously had a huge impact on so many lives including your mums and your book really brings it home. What an amazing mum and so brave and adventurous to my mind. I imagine on some levels it was quite cathartic too. I hope your book does well." 


"It was a pleasure to read the book and see the drawings. You have a gift for storytelling that describes sad circumstances with kindness and humor - it was a fun and touching read. The depictions of your childhood are honest, vivid and never self-pitying. Your illustrations are playful, descriptive and full of little details that make them extra interesting (you have a remarkable memory). This book leaves me with a strong affection for you, your mother and those crazy tenants." 



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