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White Structure

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4 Sussex Place

Janson Woodall

Childhood memories of a 1950s London Boarding House. 
Together with the author’s gay unmarried mother here are the true amazing stories of a boarding house full of eccentric tenants,
sex workers, refugees, naked men and much more.

With over 40 stories each illustrated by the author and a joy to read.


Set in post-war 1950's London the book bursts with the amazing and true stories of the eclectic band of tenants that lived in his mother’s boarding house and who are etched into the author’s memory. It is also about the street life of 50s London, the bomb sites, cinemas, music halls, blistering cold winters and more.

Amazing Illustrations

Latest Review

A Thing of Beauty

This beautifully written and illustrated book by Janson Woodall is charming, funny, moving and deeply evocative of life at the seamier end of post war London. The address in the title was the house Woodall grew up in - part boarding house, part brothel - and the characters who made up his extended family. Each is introduced without judgment and from a place of deep love.


David Cohen - Amazon


Margaret finds a dead body
4 Sussex Place The Book



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